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This robust, easy-to-use application effectively restricts access to an unlimited number of files and folders on your computer. Do you need to hide your files from prying eyes? Or you want to protect your files from being deleted? Hide Folders 2009 safely hides and locks your private data from other users and grants access only if you specify the original password. Smooth user interface guarantees that you never get lost in the program control - several self-explained buttons in Hide Folders 2009 Control Panel will change you imagination about Windows file security! Moreover, you can use hot keys, integrate Hide Folders 2009 into Windows Explorer context menu and cease to run Control Panel at all. Advanced users will find helpful abilities to protect files using wildcards and set a list of trusted programs, e.g. backup and antivirus that can access the protected data bypassing the protection. Every user with a desire to have well-protected files on their system will find Hide Folders 2009 fits their need. Download FREE trial now!

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